About #MillennialStruggles

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. If you clicked on it, it is probably because you  belong to a pretty awesome generation called “the millennials” (or because you came here from another one of my social media platforms…shameless self advertising?)

Any who, regardless of how you got here, you are here! So I am going to give you a quick run down on my blog and what to look forward to.

I decided to create this blog for a few reasons. One, I recently got a job as a social media specialist-a what now? Yes, a social media specialist. It is my job to post on various platforms for the company I work for. Every day I have to come up with new ways to engage with the audience and keep them entertained, while still making sure they stay well informed on what the company is actually about.
I love my job and I figured, why don’t I use the information I learn from it and apply it to something personal to myself?

I knew I wanted to create a blog, but I was not sure what I wanted it to be about. I wanted it to be something I could relate to so I could truly speak from experience.

Aha…I am a millennial! I noticed that for some odd reason, a majority of us millennials relate on many different levels. Ever go on a website and see a meme about being a broke college student who eats ramen noodles and coupons like crazy? Yeah, 90% of those commenting, “ME!” are millennials. Not going to lie, totally me.

There are some stereotypes that some do not fall into, so please do not get mad at me if I post anything like that.

I want to create something that others around my age can relate to based off my journey through life as a millennial (a broke millennial, I should say).

On this blog, I will be posting tips, stories, listicles, photos, questions, and whatever else I can think of.

At the end of the day, I want a blog that millennials can come to and feel comfortable. I want a blog that people can interact on. I want people to be able to relate and feel open with it- lets face it, we aren’t all young adults who travel the world and live in cute loft apartments with furry rugs and a plethora of hand crafted mugs…seriously, what is their secret?

I will wrap this up because it is getting long.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and stick around because I promise you I will be posting some awesome a relatable content.

Stay rad and be glad!

Tamara, xo


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